On one warm summer evening in 2008, the Undone Network started to from in its infancy. Faced with new perspectives, we founders Cade Wilson and Christopher DeCou started discussing the idea of how to engage different worldviews and challenge ourselves. Because of the changes that were going on in our own lives, the new documentary at the time Examined Life truly inspired us. While not a spectacular film, the documentary impacted us, because of the manner in which it both highlighted new ideas and attempted to place these ideas in a dialogue. We were in the process of leaving fundamentalism, with its attempts to control and limit information. After we saw the film and the way it presented so many different perspectives, even if we disagreed with them, we talked about how we too might create a space where people could encounter new ideas and perspectives.

Since that time in 2008, this idea has continued to grow and develop into what it is today. From our own idea of a documentary, to our academic interests and fields, we have persisted in trying to establish a community and network that is willing to engage in differences that recognize one’s own points of view, listens, and engages with each other. With that purpose in mind, we have created this website the Undone Network. The Undone Network is meant to be a place where people can come and encounter new, different ideas that challenge them to rethink and consider their own perspective. This encounter is not meant to be just passive, but active. We want people to engage and dialogue with each other in a spirit of public sphere. Using technology and media, we hope to build a network for the exchange of ideas and stories. We are the Undone Network.